Inkitt contest
I’ve submitted Master’s mind into publishing contest. Please go and read my story and help me win, [...]
Writing book two has been going a bit slower than anticipated. I hate writer’s block…
Richard Paul Evans
Richard Paul Evans was doing a book signing at the local Barnes and Noble last night. My youngest teenage daughter wanted me to take her to meet him (he is [...]
I wonder…
So, apparently there is another John M Leavitt that has written a couple of books. He is a pastor from Florida, and his books are about his church. I [...]
Word count update 22-October-2015
36,714 and growing every day
Book 2 Chapter One
Here is a free preview of The Dagger of Dragon Rose book 2 – Heart Stone
Word Count Update 12-October-2015
Things are not moving as quickly as I would like, but they are moving. My current word Count in Heart Stone – The Dagger of Dragon Rose book 2 is [...]
How it all started
In 1990 I was playing a game on the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment system. In this game you had to search the world for a set of magical swords, and [...]