Inspiration for The Dagger of Dragon Rose

In 1990, as a teenager, I was playing a game on my NES. In this game, you had to wander around the world collecting magic swords, and power-ups for said swords. This got the gears in my mind turning.

I began to wonder “What if similar swords with different abilities existed?”. That evolved into “What if the swords were intelligent?”. From there logic took a leap, and I thought “What if the swords were alive?”. That was the birth of Maxximillian CrystalBlade, Cyan IceBlade, and Mark FlameBlade. More weapons followed and became the Crystal Blade race.

The biggest problem I faced was, “How would a sword be alive?”. The answer to that problem presented itself as the mixture of Artificial Intelligence and a magical, air borne, computer virus.

Looking at the traits of a living race, I began to wonder what I could do to show that life. I mean; they didn’t eat, didn’t breathe, didn’t sleep, and they would not die of natural causes. That left one trait, in my mind, the ability to reproduce. Thus Amber StarrBlade was born, in a very real sense.

To be continued…

Here’s to the future and all it may hold.

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