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Short Stories

I will post the short stories I write here. Some of these are stories I have written to help flesh out my characters. Most of these are first draft, unedited, so there may be continuity errors in some of the lore (in the case of TDoDR) Please be kind. These are all original works by my own hand.
These are works of fiction. Any reasemblance of characters to individuals living or dead is completely coincidental.

Dreams - The original prologue for Master's Mind
Dagger's Blade - Unfinished story about Morganna's adventures on the planet where she grew up
Nathan - This was written before I came up with the "Magic is a living race" idea
Nightshade - A brief history of how Shaunna bacame an assassin
Hope - Ularen Hope remembers the past
Narissa - The story of a unique tiger
Grathius - How Grathius became Pack Shaman

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